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Telus Incompetence

Just Moved In

Thought we would try Telus, just wondering if anyone else is running into one issue after another.

We had a sales rep knock on the door, promise of better service, faster internet, usual deal.

Day one: tech comes to install the security system, but can’t install the door lock, not compatible, can’t install the motion detector because of the pets, so motion sensor is sitting in a box (can’t change it to something else) lock was traded for a smart plug. Tech was great, tried making honey out of the dog turd handed to him.

Internet Day: tech was great again, installed equipment but that caused the security system to go down, had to reset that up myself, technical support was an hour wait. Unplugged the Shaw equipment, no tv, but should show up sooner or later.

Tuesday(Day4?): wife and I are working from home and internet gets turned off. Sales rep forgot to get info for account, so they want me to drive an hour into another town to show ID at a Telus store. Shouldn’t he drive out to see me? He’s the one that promised better service, lol.

Thursday(Today) one TV box shows up…needed three as discussed the week before…. ‘Don’t worry, we will mail them to you”

now we set it up.

put in log in info

Error ACN_3522: Authorization code is malformed

Try support….oh that’s right they are closed, and the Telus app has no idea what I’m talking about.






Friendly Neighbour
Wow I’m sorry. I’m having an issue after 3 years of service. I want to upgrade to their new service called Optik Core only to find out that because I’m a loyal customer of TELUS I cannot upgrade my services. Basically they are saying F you for being loyal to us for 3 years, and oh by the way you just signed up last year for another 2 year term so you can’t cancel services till next year.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want you to have. We can definitely escalate this situation to have someone call you back to discuss everything and what can be done to make it right. Reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook pages so that we can gather your info to arrange for a callback.

I'll try, but I am suspect on how Telus can resolve anything at this point. We got the TV working, but now cannot manage the Optik, and it doesn't even compare to what Shaw offered. Although they did offer five movie coupons. So if you think about the 10-12 hours of waiting on the phone and working with Telus support for the last week, that at least paid me under $3.00 and hour to fix your system.