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Purchase New Phone for Xmas

Just Moved In

Hi I have a family account with you and I want to buy my husband a new cell phone for xmas without him knowing can i just purchase new phone from your website and he can wait to activate it after he receives it and it wont interrupt his current phone services I really want to get this for him for xmas but don't want his current phone to have issues until he activates the new one he uses his current phone for work so cant have interrupted service for that reason





You should know that this forum is for Telus customers helping other Telus customers. There are very few Telus customer service representatives that read these posts.


You should have no problems transitioning from the old phone to the new phone. Your husband (lucky guy who gets a new phone) can switch whenever he's ready. If the old phone and the new phone use the same size SIM card then he can just switch the SIM card without having to notify Telus at all.