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Complimentary Apple TV for new mobility sign up

Just Moved In
I recently transferred  (in November 2020) my mobility service from Virgin to Telus which  included purchase of a new iPhone SE. The sales agent advised that my new sign up and iPhone includes a one year complimentary subscription to Apple TV. I received my new phone and it is set up but I did not receive any instruction on how to access my complimentary Apple TV subscription.  Can you advise how I can access it? 
My mobile account number is <Personal info removed by mod> and it is in my wife's name: Valerie Macdonald.&nbsp;
Thank you.
Eric Macdonald

Community Power User
Community Power User

Download the AppleTV app if it’s not already installed. Sign in with your credentials you use for the App Store. Enjoy your one year subscription. All new iPhones come with a complimentary one year subscription.


You can read more here. 

Also click the little down arrow to the right of your post and “edit reply” don’t post personal information (full names and phone number)  As it’s open to the entire web to see.