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Law Firm claiming TELUS as a client

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I have a supposed law firm calling themselves "Ofili Legal Services" with a head lawyer of one "Sukanta Saha" claiming TELUS is a client of theirs and sending me emails asking for payment on an account. I have no idea who these people are, and when I asked them to give me their collections agent license number. More than a month later they got back to me and told me that they are "a law firm based in Mississauga, Ontario so this does not require a license." They further told me that "You can also contact TELUS directly to verify our business." I called the customer service line, but was on hold for over 45 minutes before giving up, So here I am.


Sounds really fishy to me, especially because I can find exceedingly little information online about them. So, I figured I would go right to the source and create the account to just ask point blank. Is TELUS a client of "Ofili Legal Services" or Sukanta Saha?



@Soll  Scam delete and forget about xmas cash

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Hello, I am going through the same thing with Ofili law services myself. What has come out of yours? I have called the collection agency myself and they tell me to call the Ofili law services, Im only communicating through email right now to keep the paper trail. This person is offering me to pay less amount If i send it today or make payment plans. The original amount was 500 and now as doubled to 1500...due to incurring interest. Im not sure if this is legit or a really good scam. Im also getting threatened to be taken to court with alot of red highlighted text. Garnishing my wages, seizing my property etc. 

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AFAIK, Telus does not use legal firms for consumer collections, they sell such instances to collections agencies. You can also check your Credit Report to see if you have outstanding amounts owing Telus.

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I have just received an email myself from that same law firm, Ofili. Saying an intention of filing for application of bankruptcy order. Saying I have 7 days to respond or they will go through with the application. Then at the bottom leaving
Payment methods for how I can send payment to them but yet they didn’t actually state any amount in the email of what I apparently owe to Telus. So just seems super sketchy to me. There was no name of any lawyer or anyone either on the email. Just the law firms number. If anyone could give some advice on what I should or shouldn’t do that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Did you ever get your issue resolved? I just got an email from the same law firm claiming Telus as client. That they will file for an application of bankruptcy order on me. That I have 7 days to respond or they will proceed with the application. They left options at the bottom of email on how I can send/ make a payment. But not once in the email did they actually state how much I owe apparently. Like how would I make. A payment without actually being told the amount, makes no sense to me. So just seems really sketchy. If anyone could give me advice on what I should or shouldn’t do that would ne greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

@ SCAM  Report this to   ( abuse@telus ).  Delete it and move on. Read the other repleys. Total garbage it is. Don't answer them at all you will be asking  for trouble.

Okay, I will report. Thank you!


TELUS refers an account to a collection agency for payment collections. This could be a fraud or scam but it is best to call TELUS Payment Services to verify the status of your account. Just dial 310-2500 or 1-888-811-2500, Weekdays (8AM - 7PM PST)/Weekends (8AM-5PM PST). If no matching information, whomever you'll speak to will submit a fraud investigation form, they may ask for the fraudulent calling number, the name of the caller, and the time and date of the call (if you have these details).