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How to request a callback from live agent, currently on hold over 2 hours

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I have a problem with my mobility bill, it is missing a credit I used to always receive every month and would like to review my account to find out why and have it re-instated..  I need to speak to a live agent to review my account, but have been on hold for over 2 hours now.  I tried the virtual assistant and asked for a scheduled callback, it says they are not scheduling callbacks right now and to try again during operational hours, which it currently is.  how do I schedule a live callback please.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Call back isn't always an option it needs certain criteria to be met before active. That being said you can reach out to them via twitter @TELUSsupport they are fairly responsive on there.

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I finally got through after 2 hours on hold, as soon as i explained my issue, they disconnected. Tweeted at @telussupport over 3 hours ago with no response. I've literally been a Telus customer for a week and this is absolutely pathetic. I will be switching as soon as I have used up my Black Friday two month promo discount. 


Wondering if call back is worth it.  Today the agent called me, then put me on hold and it went into an auto message saying they were now closed and hung up on me after waiting 10 minutes.  Then she never called back again even with having my phone number!