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How to pay for Prepaid with credit card

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I have the prepaid Nationwide Talk & Text 15 Plan. I want to Pay $15 each month via credit card. I registered a credit card, but when I click "auto renew upon expiration > from credit card" and then submit, it always tells me, "Your account balance is too low to complete the purchase of the feature(s) you've selected. Please top up your account." But I don't want a top-up. I've tried to do that, and I end up paying twice, because topping up still requires a prepaid plan. Topping up, as far as I know, is for if you ran out of usage credits from the $15 prepaid plan before the month was up. I don't need that, I just want to pay the $15. If I do a top up and add extra funds, it gets wasted due to data leakage, even though it's a non-data plan, so I don't want to do it that way. I think I'm caught in a loop!




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Community Power User

It’s been a long time since I used Prepaid service, but I recall having to top up with the credit card each month before the renewal date. I wonder if you need to have a positive balance large enough in advance for this to work (ie. the system is applying the renewal before rating from the credit card, instead of the other way around)? You may have to contact Telus, and request a data block on your account if you have data leakage. This should allow you to have the excess amount in your account for the processing to work.

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