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Why do i receive different information from telus workers when they call


I was called by Telus the other night regarding their up to date services which i declined.  The worker explained because i did not have an agreement with Telus and a second phone for family that i would be able to call customer service because he could not make the changes.  He said that each phone with the promotion would be $40 but up to $50 for each phone which totalled $100.  I called Telus and was put on hold with no option to have the call back so after 45 mons i hung up.  So today at work I called and then it did ask me if i wanted to be called back and i said yes and that is what Telus did call back.  When i spoke to the worker today about why i was calling and about the $500 per phone i was told the best they could do was having me save $7 so i said i have used a lot of my work and personal time so she transferred to another worker who came on the phone when i was in a meeting but i took the call and this worker said I could save $40 all together but my plan would be different.  I explained my frustration with the workers noting that i knew it was not their fault but did say i will not take anymore Telus calls if they cannot give me the proper information and then having to spend more than an hour of my time at home and work.  

I am disappointed because with the first worker who said it would only cost up to $50 per phone i asked why Telus would make it so low and he said to keep my business.  Well i have been a Telus customer for 23 years in Alberta (since i came-with my ex husband) and remained on it.  Please let your people know that yes we make mistakes but customers should not have to go through 3 workers and could not get through once so it would have been 4 workers in order to obtain answers.  I do not normally leave posts but i think Telus needs to know that they need to cut the red tape in order to customers not find it so hard to connect with someone who knows what is going on.  I work for government and if we had customers having 3 or 4 workers that they would have to had contact there would be a major issue that would be fixed right away.  Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, sorry about the experience you've's definitely not what we want our customers to go through. I'll definitely pass this feedback along, and if you'd like to discuss further please let me know and I can send you a private message!