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Where to get a new Remote.....


Can't seem to find an answer from anyone, I am having trouble with our remote for our Satalite/PVR. 

Any time you press the  "Guide" Button the screen goes black and the picture shrinks and goes into the right hand corner, then sometimes the TV goes off (screen black) or  it goes off Salilite and you have to reset the TV back to HDM1 and then press Satalite.  This happens almost everytime you press Guide and it's getting worse.

Also, the numbers on the remote are sticking,  you get stuck on a low station and automatically the volume goes very very low (on all stations lower then 1000) and will stay real low even if you change on all higher stations.

I am in Port Alberni, where can I take my remote in to trade for a new one??


Community Power User
Community Power User

Your first issue will not be solved by replacing the remote; it is a problem with the software in the PVR. This issue has been discussed in


If they send you a fresh PVR as thet did me, it will have a new remote! In the mean time, apparently a work around is to use one of the guide formats that does not use the video. Set this up in menu.


The Source has Bell remotes which are similar; but Telus should be able to supply a fresh one. COntact them at:




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This might sound silly but have you tried calling customer service for a replacement? Im in Quebec so its not the same set up as satelite but when my remote broke I phoned in and they sent me another one and return mailer for the broken one. The whole process took about a week!