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Just Moved In

Telus Rewards is a Joke. Tried to redeem today. Guess what ! They changed my address, Billing me they got my address correct and when I have 100 rewards they changed my home address. We have no cell phone with telus so cannot leave a text. Apparently they cant call on my home phone either.There is just so many options you get to choose from. Tried calling the support line and there is a 30 minute wait. Not waiting, Senior here only has so much time left, if this is NOT resolved in the next while, we will be looking at a new provider. Customer service sucks. Why change my address when you KNOW my BILLING ADDRESS is correct. Come on TELUS, We have never missed a payment in many years but pretty soon TELUS is going to miss all the old people that actually pay their bills. COME ON PEOPLE! YOU CAN DO BETTER!


Community Manager
Community Manager

If you don't want to call in, you can also reach our team to have them investigate via Live Chat online over at


There'll be a purple chat icon in the very bottom corner of the page, you can enter your info and when it asks what you're chatting in about, keep typing 'agent' to bring a live agent into the chat.