Log in Page Expired


I am thinking may be a Microsoft Edge problem but just thought I would check with other users on here.


When I try to log in for My Telus Page I get message that the "Page Expired". Clearing browser etc does not help.


I can log in on chrome.  

Community Power User
Community Power User

Do not use Edge. It is known to be problematic on a fair number of websites.

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Thank you.  I am using a preview build so that may be problem as well.


I do use Chrome a fair bit so was just curious if anyone else was having a problem with the log in.




I've been having this problem for days. It just keeps cycling the same page saying it's expired. I use Firefox.

I had this problem recently on chrome as well. Closing and reopening chrome fixed it.

I am using new Edge (chromium based) and have never had a problem on any site including Telus, might just be lucky though.