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Installation of fibre services


I am now on day 49 of the countdown for the installation of Optik TV and internet service.  First, no fibre to the house, so asked to have ADSL installed.  Had to ask, as it wasn't offered.  This was early April.  Installation of fibre drop was initiated and was completed May 13, so 43 days to install a short run from the pole at the back of the property.  Telus sub-contractor had visited 3 times b4 beginning the work and had the deceased former property owner's name on their paperwork.  Install of services was scheduled for May 14th, but was cancelled due to the system not being updated that the drop was finished.  May 17th, tech returned to complete service but found that the fibre strand wasn't lit up.  Cable repair dispatched yesterday, but I assume they could not fix it, as a technician has not been rescheduled for installation inside the home.  Two escalations, one on May 13th to try and get my original May 14th date after drop completion;  no go.  Another escalation yesterday, May 18th.  Still no service.  How do I obtain resolution? 



@Monicat  Frustrating.  I think Telus should make sure their various departments talk to each other. Deceased owner address is the common problem here i'm positive about that. You have made several calls correct. One more time phone direct to billing no sidetracks to anyone else but a billing person who is in canada. The out of country ones are the problem in some cases. Try it and good luck. Canada billing person only. Polecat

Thanks for that.  I will try contacting the billing department, but don't believe I'll get satisfaction there either.  I simply want to have the highly promoted service over fibre that I requested 49 days ago and for someone at Telus who will take some "ownership" of this escalated order to see it through to completion. 

@Monicat    They have always did their best for me when chat or regular phone people failed. They always found the right department. There are fiber numbers and regular numbers will try and find fiber number for you. Found it ----  Fiber  1855 595 5588   Never tryed it  Copper -----310 2255   or1 800 400 2598  Have used 2255 years ago Good luck Polecat