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How can I lodge a complaint? I feel scammed by Telus

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Hi, I would like to know how to lodge a complaint. I’m a new customer; Telus talked me into leaving my last provider (Novus who was lovely). Telus promised me they’d provide ALL my current services (TV with PVR/Phone/Internet) but When I got my contract, it was TV (no PVR) and internet only, no phone. The internet is no where close to fast enough (much slower than I had with Novus) and when I tried to get it fixed the rep only tried to upsell me (another 10$/month) if I wanted an acceptible speed. To get my phone added and ported took a couple weeks and multiple hour long phone calls with Telus, which cost me money because I couldn’t cancel with Novus. Telus also increased my monthly bill to do this, not surprisingly. I am extremely frustrated that Telus won’t meet the service Novus was providing at the monthly rate as they originally promised me. I haven’t even addressed my lack of PVR with Telus because I don’t even have the energy to talk to a Telus Rep right now.


Hi @GeorgiaLush604 I would like to help with this. Please expect a message from me

Just Moved In

I'm also dealing with the same issues, I was lied to my my Telus rep about mobile prices and offered free nexflix but failed to mention I would have to pay for optic tv that costs 2x as much as Netflix / nothing but lies! Now I've been on the phone for an hour and a half trying to straighten it all out. Thanks Jannat (Telus rep)