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Customers with dementia or alzheimers

Why doesnt telus offer plans for old citizens that might have problems managing their finances. Racking debt and interest on late payments should not be the modus of operation for a telecom company. There should be guards in place to ensure that someone with dementia or alzheimers does not need to risk their financial well being and still have a phone line.

Accounts have no information as to the medical condition of the account holder. Are you suggesting that Telus start collecting this information?

I agree we need to take care of those with dementia or Alzheimer's. Telus already subsidizes internet for low income families. Perhaps they can expand this program.

There is much more to consider than a just a discounted phone bill though. Those in that situation need someone to look after their best interests as a whole.

Community Power User
Community Power User

A responsibly family member could set up automated payments for the phone from the elder’s bank account, as they will need to do for all other payments there might be.


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I suggest power of attorney in this case. We had to do this for my grandmother, this is a family or caretakers responsibility. There is no way for any company to collect this information or act on a clients behalf.