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Cannot login to web portal or app

Just Moved In



I keep getting errors and am not able to login to my telus account for two days now. I tried calling but well over 1 hour wait still. I have to hang up to attend a meeting now. What happened to call backs? 


I tried resetting my password, error

I tried send me a no need to login link - no email is sent to me. 


Nothing is working and it's infuriating! 


Also, the chat bot should have an option so we can ask them questions without needing to login. What if we're having login issues? lol. Which I am having. Now I have to use the forum. 





What is the error?

Have you tried using a different browser or clearing the cookie cache in the browser you are using?


Since yesterday I get the same error 500.

Already complained via Telus Chat-after a long wait- and the problem has been reported

The day before I was able to log in with no issues. Tried several browsers, No go

It must be on Telus side
Hopefully they will fix it