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Adding second email address to Billing notification

Just Moved In

I am trying to setup a second email address for the billing notification on my account, however the only option I seem to have is to change the primary email address for the entire account (I have 2 services hooked to 1 account, I want to have one of the services bills be copied to a 2nd email account).  How do I add a second email address?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. The email would need to be from an attached My TELUS profile, so what you'd need to do is add a My TELUS account with that second email address, and then both email addresses would show up when you're setting up notifications. There are instructions here on how to do that. Bear in mind this is for Mobility accounts only, as there's no option to do so for Home Services. For that, you could get a notification via email and SMS separately, etc. but there's no way to get two emails in the system. Alternatively, you can call our team to do this for you at 1-866-558-2273 and they can go over everything with you.