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Possible Scam call from 888-811-2323

Just Moved In

I read a thread from recently about this very thing, but it has already been locked (??) so now I'm creating a NEW thread about it. Please do not lock threads about ongoing issues unless the have been resolved.


The original link is:


When they called me, they got out of me that it's a shared account, but I don't think they have the other person's name or phone number.

From Nighthawk, posted in February:

There are several discussions about this on the forums already. Yes, it's a valid Telus number. Yes, there are scammers that spoof the caller ID data to show that number to try trick people into giving them information. The +1 at the beginning is an easy way to spot it as a scam.


If you are a Telus or Koodo customer, you can enable Call Control (free) and can filter out those calls.

I have Call Control, yet I was still being called every day, or other day. CC only stops auto-dialers, but if the scammer is listening, they can easily pass the prompt. And with speech-to-text, it's easy for a program to 'hear' the prompt question, and press the correct number, so CC isn't enough. We need an (optional, user-picked) system that can block callers without a name in the call display, and filter those names or numbers close to known businesses. I hear about number-spoofing.. if it has a designation, then why can't it be detected?


3 weeks ago, Garrycalgary asked in that thread:
I wish Telus would provide an official statement on this very active scam number

I called Telus about it and the person I spoke with said it is a Telus number, and that they are monitoring for it, and are keeping track of the numbers who get called. He said that Telus would only call a customer from a Callback, and while the number is from a scam group, calling it back redirects to the real Telus.. sounds fishy that the same number can lead to 2 different locations, so I hope I didn't just confirm my account with a scam center that copied all of Telus' menus and messages!

I have my conversation with Telus recorded, but not from when they called me.


Community Manager
Community Manager

If there's a legitimate business reason for an outbound call the agent making the call will always place notes on your account as well to both keep track of what was discussed and of course for verification should you want to check in on the authenticity of said call. We definitely hear you about call spoofing and we're constantly doing everything we can to combat these nuisance calls and track spoofing of our own toll free numbers, etc.


The part you mentioned about a different system to combat these calls is something that you could definitely post over in the Ideas section of our community!

Friendly Neighbour
I got caught in this scam! (kinda almost?) It was so sneaky! The phone number the scammers called from was 1-888-811-2323 and the caller ID was TELUS.
I also gave/confirmed alot of info (taken personal protection steps and have a case with telus fraud team now.)
They were offering a plan change and phone upgrade (slightly better than mine but not so *too good to be true* to raise any flags) Apparently they used the info I gave them to call Telus and pretend to be me and make changes to my account, which included sending me (at my address) a new phone. I received legit Telus emails and verification texts. It was very odd. Thankfully the call with scammer/Telus got disconnected and the Telus person called me (thinking she had just been disconnected with me) and we figured out we were both duped.
Still can’t figure out what the end game was.

It's almost always to glean your personal/account information, and while it seemingly originated from a legitimate number, call spoofing is a problem we're working on combatting every day. You can always check in here or reach out to us at our social media channels to verify the authenticity of any communications you receive.

They obviously weren’t JUST after my information. Because if that’s all they wanted they had it. That’s a side problem.
But they used that information to order a new phone and change my plan. That seems like the end game. They’ve clearly figured something out.

Friendly Neighbour
I agree that this is being handled very poorly. For sure Telus needs to make a statement of some sort. You’d think they would be able to somehow block the number from calling Telus customers to scam them.
Once I finally get a call from the fraud team I’m going to be requesting the call recording to hear if there was any obvious signs it was not me making these changes to my account. The scammers ordered a new phone (being delivered to my address) it was caught before it actually shipped (within half hour of the fraud call/account change) and yesterday they were supposed to reverse the changes and cancel the new phone. Today I got a shipment notification and now they can’t do anything about the massive charge for a new phone on my account until they get the phone back, which has to be either by me declining the shipment or taking it and calling Telus and sending it back. What a disaster. And because of the call center service I’ve had to re-explain to 4-5 people what happened.