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is there a dept in Telus investigating the reliability of their telesale agent?

I was so upset being scam by an agent called Raymond



Raymond the agent called me on behalf of Telus and offered me their black friday deal 2023. The deal sounds great ..

1. $29 for 30G

2. $29 + $5 each month for 2 year can get a Samsung 23FE and 30G

3. the line wont be activated until the phone arrived.

Actually there is no phone, the plan activated right away and Raymond put the lines under Kodoo, not Telus. Even a telus agent I called said i got scammed.

Now I lost my black friday deal and with lots of phone calls to resolve this problem. The worse is, Telus wont doing anything for a victim like me.

That's why I am looking for an official email address of Telus to file a complain.

thanks all


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus would not call you to offer a deal like that. That's not how it works. There are scammers overseas that are pretending to be Telus. It sounds like you fell for one of them. You say Telus isn't doing anything for a victim like you. What are you expecting them to do?


The "deal" they offered you was too good to be true. There is no way a Samsung 23FE would be $5/mo on a two year contract. That's a $870 phone (over $1000 on Koodo). That would be just over $36 a month for a two year contract. It's entirely possible that the scammers likely had the phone mailed to themselves also.


You probably want to report it to the federal government's Canada Anti-Fraud Centre also. I would recommend following their recommendations on reporting the fraud and the additional steps like cancelling your credit card, reporting the fraud to the police, etc.. Once you have a police report number, contact Koodo and get them to cancel the account. If you gave the scammers passwords for anything, change those immediately also.



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thanks for your reply.

The fact was both Telus and Kodoo said they had the official call record from that agent, who is/was really their sale marketing person working with Telus.  Thats why I asked Kodoo and telus to start an investigation.


As a victim, I would like to give everyone some suggestions.

1. be careful of Telus telemarketing, they can say whatever they want to get commissions without any consequence.

2. I tried to fight for my right but the agent from Kodoo said " can u proof?" ..So please record your conversation with them. 

3, The call center agents will always said "I don't have that record in my computer. This is my proof"

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for tagging me, @Nighthawk.


@pac11 I'll send you a private message to see what we can find out. Please keep an eye out for it 🙂