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poor reception in many places


We have switched our company phones to Telus. All phones have poor reception, dropped calls etc. in many areas in North and West Vancouver. I don't quite understand as we have been with Bell before, and my understanding is that Bell and Telus share towers. What can we do about this? This is affecting business negatively. It is not a matter of device, as it happens to all phones since we switched. I let a Telus rep know, but have had no follow up whatsoever.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you tried restarting your devices or visiting the nearest TELUS store so a team member can take a look in person?

We are talking about 20 devices simultaneously not functioning the way they did on a different network. It's not the devices. And yes, we did restart them. 


Sharing towers is different from sharing transmitters.  Telus uses a lot of band 66, which is an extension of band 4.  This spectrum is not good for densely populated areas or areas with lots of trees.  Where Telus does not have transmitters where Bell does.  Then your device will use tho Bell transmitter.  

thanks so much for the explanation. I do need a solution.

You could always switch back to Bell.