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Whatsapp on a tablet data plan

Can I use Whatsapp on a tablet data plan ? I know that even though there is a phone number associated to the sims, phone calls are not allowed or SMS are not allowed (well allowed but at 0.50$ each sent sms I think).

WhatsApp (or Signal) requires a phone number to work. But can i use them with the phone number of my tablet without extra fees other that ma data plan?

Community Manager
Community Manager

SMS on a tablet data plan can incur pay per use charges and generally isn't recommended even if the tablet supports it. A phone number is assigned as part of service provisioning and you might be able to see it on the tablet billing line of your invoice. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

I have not seen a native WhatsApp App for iPad. All are secondary apps which seem to require a phone app as well.

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