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Just Moved In

When upgrading or canceling a line:

I have the TELUS Easy Payment and the Device Discount.

What I am asking is if I was to upgrade or cancel this line would it be:

Easy Payment Balance + Device Discount = Total amount owed ?

If not how would the total amount owed be calculated?

Thanks in advance


Community Manager
Community Manager

@matt5 By "device discount" would you mean Bring it back? If so, there are two layers to this:

1) Easy payment would be the price of the device spread out over 24 months.  If you wish to upgrade early, the remianing balance must be paid off.


2) Bring it back is an additional discount we apply to the purchase should you regularly upgrade your phone on a 24 month cadence. It enables you to pay less overall provided you return the device at the end of the term. Similar to Easy Payment, the balance for this discount would also need to be paid off if you plan on upgrading early. 

All told, there are two balances that are required to be paid back but rest assured, it's only the remaining balance and not any additional fees.