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Time for Telus to have better mobility plans


Shaw has just introduced a new Mobile service and it is far better than Telus. For $55/month you get 25 gigs data with 2gigs in the US or Mexico, 

Unlimited calls to Canada , U.S. & Mexico, Unlimited incoming calls, Unlimited calls to Canada from the U.S. & Mexico and Unlimited global text, picture, and video messaging. I live half of the year in Mexico and Telus?Koodo I have to pay roaming charges so I have an account with Telcel for when I am in Mexico.

There is no reason that Telus Mobility cannot offer the plans. I would switch today but I live in a place where Shaw is no available.



I hope you’re aware the coverage is not very good with Freedom. I suppose it will improve with time. Friends with Freedom borrow my phone sometimes to make calls in the Lower Mainland. I’m on Telus. 


A very significant cost of running a mobile network is the actual towers and infrastructure. Shaw has comparatively little of it compared to Telus so they have to offer things to make them unique, such as calling Canada from USA and Mexico.  But although they are a Canadian carrier who can take care of most of your needs in Mexico, they cannot even do that in your Canadian home.  Why should Telus have to offer calling to Canada from Mexico in order to get your business?  They provide coverage to your Canadian home...which is something that Shaw, for their lower price, does not.


I do think it would be nice if the standard offering of Canadian mobile companies was Canada/USA/Mexico. Many of the American companies do that.  But they charge as much in American dollars as we pay in Canadian dollars..

I don't know about that.  Even with the conversion, my $40 USD T-Mobile plan includes unlimited calling, texting, and roaming in the US, Canada, and Mexico, global texting, and 50GB of 5G/LTE data with the potential for reduced speeds beyond that at no extra charge.  Telus offers nothing close to that, even after the conversion to worthless Canuck Bucks.  😛  


Exactly how is Shaw's proposal "far better than Telus".  Telus supplies you with a mobile signal at home. Shaw does not.