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Text message, no subject 1kb


I have an Android A20 with Telus as the provider, and for about two days now I've encountered an annoying bug that I've done everything to fix. At a random time every few hours, I'll receive a group of three texts from a specific contact--refered to as person A--that contain three undownloadable files named no subject. They are all 1kb, and expire in 48 hours.

I have done EVERYTHING I could find. I've deleted hangouts, updated my phone, scanned, verified, even done a factory reset (sacrificing many of my images as they did not backup properly). Nothing has worked, and I'm at a loss. I need help ASAP. I do not have data.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Seems like that contact is sending you a multi-media file, which requires a data connection to download. Simply ask that contact to email the info instead. 

Or add some data to your plan.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

It could potentially be malware. Have you talked to person A to see what they are sending? If it's an unknown sender you could just block them.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.