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Telus Easy Roam


I don't know why Telus refuses to provide me with the Telus Easy Roam service for my mobility service. Yes, I do have an old plan. Telus tries to tell me that the service is not compatible but that is blatantly false because I once spoke with a very helpful rep (rare) who added it for me for a trip but still refused to add on the service on a permanent basis, notwithstanding the fact that this is a pay per use service. I suspect that what they really want is to have me migrate to a more expensive plan at which point, I would be able to add the service or force me into an expensive "travel passport" to get the equivalent service at an exorbitant rate. Telus should offer its add-on services for all and not pick and choose who can get service on a pay per use plan, particularly when dealing with loyal and longstanding customers.



Hi Starchoice, are you on a TELUS prepaid plan? If so, it never supported international roaming... some add-ons for the prepaid platform can be found here

No, it is not a prepaid plan. It's postpaid and EPP.

Community Power User
Community Power User

EPP are special plans, with specific contract language, and not part of the regular family of Telus plans. You get a great deal, because of the relationship your employer has with Telus, but  are left with the terms of the contract.

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