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Technician Scam

Just Moved In
Had a technician visit 2 weeks ago for home services and he sold me on a great sounding mobility plan, when i switched from Bell EPP.

I asked explicitly if I could use my Apple Watch with this contract and if this counts towards a discount for my home services.

Turns out now there is no way of using the plan with my Apple Watch, it doesn’t count towards a discount on the home service, only mentioned the $60 connection fee after already transferring the number, a rep on the phone told me that I could have signed up for an unlimited plan for less, in the end I’m basically now paying more for less and I’m screwed on the Apple Watch connection. However phone reps are not letting me out of the contract or let me change it.

Good reminder to never let a rep or tech let you sell something you haven’t read the fine print on … 1 month in and already can’t wait to switch away from Telus.

@telus, if you let techs sell stuff please make sure they actually know what their selling …

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.


This is definitely a practice Telus needs to address and swiftly.  When purchasing new devices, always make sure you get what you were promised in writing (have them send you an e-mail outlining what they are offering you) before you enter into it.  Make sure you are eligible for what they are offering as well, as there are a lot of great deals out there that are usually only aimed at new customers or customers that meet specific requirements.  All Terms of Service and these finance/lease/payment plans and deals are designed to be read by lawyers and not the general public.