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Talk Text 100 with OTP

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I maintain a personal hone number using a prepaid Talk and Text 100 plan, as my employeer insists that I use thier cell phone and number for work.


I would still like to use my personal number for online account that require One Time Passwords that are usually sent as SMS.  Trying to get into some of my accounts, I don't recieve the OTP to the Talk and Text 100 phone.

Is thier a limitation to the Talk and Text 100 plan, that it can't recieve these textx?


I am using a iphone 7 if that matters.


Community Power User
Community Power User

There should be no text receiving barriers with the talk and text account.

Do you have iMessage turned on? It requires data.


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I tried the talk and text number with my MS account, and it recieved the text just fine, but it fails with my amazon account.  Maybe the # on the amazon account has an error on it.

I had imessage turned on, and then turned off when texting with my MS account, made no difference.