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Poor service

Just Moved In
I originally called because I thought I had overage charges from my last vacation. Prior to my vacation, I called to update my phone plan. When I called Friday to discuss my overages, I was surprised to find out that my contract had expired, and I owe 464.54. I'm baffled that when I spoke to a live agent prior to changing my plan that they didn't mention my contract was going to expire. Instead, you took more money from me and provided awful service while I was on vacation. When I was trying to address the charge, I was told nothing could be done. In anger, I expressed leaving and going to a different provider. After some time, I received a text message, which I have attached. I decided to call again to find out if there was a resolution. I was told nothing could be done. I paid the bill, and I will continue to shop for a new provider. I will be sharing this with my network as I signed up through my place of work.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. Please let me know if you'd like me to send a private message to discuss further and I'll be here.