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Stream+ & Prepaid Annual Prime Membership

Just Moved In
I am looking to add a Stream+ subscription but I already have an existing annual Amazon Prime subscription that ends in September 2024. I can't seem to find any details about what happens when I add Stream+.

Does any of the following happen?
1. Pause my existing Amazon Prime membership with my remaining months until I am off of Stream+ and get the remaining months back.
2. I get a discount on my Stream+ until my existing Amazon Prime membership runs out in September 2014.
3. I pay the full price for Stream+ and my existing Amazon Prime membership runs out in September 2024. After that I am still paying for it through Steam+.
4. I get a refund on my existing Amazon Prime membership as soon as Stream+ starts up.


Community Manager
Community Manager

If you've already got an Amazon Prime subscription, you should continue to use that existing one until it's over. You'll be able to login/use it with the Prime Video app on our Optik equipment. Then around the time it's set to expire you can cancel with Amazon and reach out to our team to have it bundled on the TELUS side.

Just Moved In

This is unacceptable. Then I am paying for bioth Prime video and Telus Stream Plus. Doesnt make sense!


Once you activate Stream+ it should pause your billing with Amazon and change it to third party billing and any remaining time had left would stay on your Amazon account in case decided to cancel and return to Amazon direct billing. 


If did want a refund on the remaining time instead of it just sitting as a credit have to contact Amazon support at and they can process the refund.