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Poor cell signal

Using Pixel 8 and after recent June feature drop update, my signal barely gets 1 bar.


I hope your issue has been resolved by now. I too have a pixel 8 with no City Issues but out in the country is something else, which is besides the point of your issue. I noticed mine now reads 5G+ occasionally which is nice. How many bars did your old phone get?

1) Have you put it into Airplane mode and then off again?

2) ReStart is alwats a good idea.

3) Did thge SIM card go in easily or did you have to struggle? 

Please keep your post up to date so we can track you solution.

Good luck.

Just a Google User



NO it has not been resolved.  All 3 points has already be tried.  When I am in downtown core I get almost or full bar of 5G+, when I start leaving downtown, it start to drop.  By the time I am at the edge of downtown I am down to half bar.  When I leave downtown, I am down to 1 to 2 bars.

You always have the option of visiting our coverage map at and clicking on the green 'Report an issue' button on the right hand side to send a report to our network team.

I have done that already.

You can always reach out to our Mobility team directly or visit the nearest TELUS store as well.