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Outrageous Hold Times

Friendly Neighbour

What is going on at Telus support that causes 1+ hour hold times every time I call?  Seriously…the call centres are in the Philippines and they are only “open” like 8am - 6pm EST?  How is this normal?


The hack I have learned is that if you wait more than an hour on hold and then hang up, you get bumped to the front of the line the next time you call. It’s a shame that this is something I need to do to get service. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear about that experience, @andirons. We'll take this feedback away - it's definitely not a great experience and we're always looking to improve. That said, we have other support channels options you can try in the future:

- Live chat (type agent to speak to a person)

- Twitter

- Facebook