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Loss of cell signal on new Pixel 8 phones


Since the june update two of the four new pixel 8 phones on my family plan have lost all signal on 5g and the  only way to get it working again was to bring the phone to local Telus store and have them change settings to LTE only.  The store's service was excellent but apparently this is a know, widespread issue since the last update.  I want to know when this issue is going to be resolved because I am paying for 5g phones and service and can't use it.  I don't want to switch back to 5g in my settings for fear of having same issue again.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Probably going to have to check with Google directly as it's possibly a known issue (plenty of chatter about it online).


I've been in the chat queue with google for about an hour, says I'm next in line, going to have to disconnect.  This is my 3rd pixel and probably my last.


Going through the same issue since the update. Just getting worse.

Google chat got me a warranty exchange. New phone showed up last night. Lots of signal and no issues making calls, until the last update ran

Then back to little to no signal and dropped incomplete calls and late texts.

Tried chat again, but 2 hours and no response.

Telus store tried to help a couple of days ago but they thought it was hardware issue and suggested a warranty replacement.


Same sim in my pixel 6 and no issues at all. Full signal and great call quality.


Have read about limiting service to only LTE,but haven't tried it yet.



Going through the same issue in st.john's since the last update.

Just did a warranty exchange at Google chat request as they and Telus rep at Avalon mall felt hardware issue.

Once the new phone was finished all updates the signal dropped to nothing and dropped calls started again.


Same sim used ina pixel 6 works just fine.

Also did a sim swap and tried WiFi calling, in the pixel 8 and no improvement. 

I've read about switching to LTE only and that should fix it, but haven't tried it yet.

Google chat was not picking up for 3 hours tonight.