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How can I get in touch with the Office of the President, or similar

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I am trying to get in touch with the highest point of escalation that I can get to. I have been dealing with Telus reps for over 1 month now in regards to a win-back offer that I was promised. I have been billed incorrectly since day 1, and have been passed around by representatives stating they cannot provide me with "false promises" about getting my issues resolved. Because I set up automatic payments, I have already overpaid for my first bill, and now to add insult to injury, I am being charged for a line that I have NOT received a SIM card for (and of course, still incorrect pricing). I have never experienced such poor customer service. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

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Hey thank you, I’ve tried this and haven’t received a call back either. It’s been over 1 business day.

Community Manager
Community Manager

They perform callbacks on a first come first served basis so someone should be in touch soon.