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Lake Country mobility sporadic at best

Just Moved In
Telus three years I’ve lived here. Will you please invest in the largest growing community in British Columbia? Lake country.
Your reputation is drastically being beat up here. People have local media forums discussing how to get out of their contracts with you because service is so poor. I make sure I have all my data done before I leave the house because we cannot use it in lake country once I’m off wifi. Dropped call and people are constantly telling me they cannot hear me and that I am breaking up.

Signed ex BCTEL TELUS employee and loyal telus member for 33 years. #losingpatience

Community Power User
Community Power User

People can start by reporting coverage issues here.


Telus is still expanding an island community close to me, received fibre and tower upgrades. Service is top notch after a decade of poor cell quality and slow non existent data. 

The last few years have slowed expansions down further and pushed timelines farther down the road. 

The more people report issues the better chance you’ll be noticed.