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Top up glitch money lost

Just Moved In
In July 2022 I topped up my 12 year old son's account with a voucher. I allocated the money to the auto renew but now the money dissapeared from the account. I called and they alleged the credit was used on internet during the last week. He did not produced any evidence and my telus erased all previous transaction. The rep on the phone just hung up on me. Can someone tell me who can solve this problem. I am not ok with Telus keeping the $100.
I have a corporate account with Telus and 3 accounts with Koodo which I am considering to take to Bell.
I would rather not but I was just robbed and then ignored.
Please help

Community Manager
Community Manager


Sorry to hear about this experience, please send us a message on Faceobok or Twitter, so we can look into it further.