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International texting on monthly plans

Friendly Neighbour

Almost all providers include "free" international texting in their monthly plans. I've tested Rogers, Shaw, and even Koodo, owned by plus, and all had this included, at least before I switched to Telus.
I am paying premium fees and expecting to get premium features, and international texting is kind of a basic feature. Prepaid plans from Telus have this but are charging less! What is happening here? I'm confused.



International texting is not generally included on most post-paid plans on Rogers, Bell or Telus and they're not advertised as having this feature.

They have recently started to include them in high end plans, however it's still the exception not the norm.

There is a (paid) international text feature that can be added to most plans if this is something that you use frequently.

Of the flanker brands, some are starting to offer plans which offer a choice of international texting or another perk.

If I recall, last time I'd looked at the plans, 5G+ plans had included "unlimited international messaging".

Friendly Neighbour
No, they don't! Paying $85+ monthly and getting charged 40 cents for each text is funny!

Having a look at the plans page, all the 5G+ plans listed do show "unlimited international messaging" as included with them.  I have multiple lines with 5G+ plans myself.  Having a look at my own account in My TELUS, all of them list "Unlimited Domestic & Intl Text" under their plan details.


Perhaps, you don't have one of those plans or have another rate plan (i.e. winback, etc.)?  If you're on one of those plans though, and are paying pay-per-use for your text messages, maybe you should contact TELUS.

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks for your response. I checked, and yes, I see that on the plans page. I have the exact same plan, but the intl text is not included! Check below:

I'm gonna discuss this with the support team. Thank you for the heads up.

Looks like you have a 5G plan, not a 5G+ one.  That's likely the reason you don't see Unlimited Domestic & Intl Text listed within your plan details.


I think TELUS only offers the unlimited international messaging with their 5G+ plans.  All my plans are the Unlimited CAN-US 100 5G+ one.


Perhaps, you could get TELUS to give you some sort of loyalty deal for the international messaging.  But, aside from that or changing your plan outright, you're only really left with the unlimited Canada to international text messages addon for $5 per month.

Friendly Neighbour
I had the feature on Koodo, Shaw, and Rogers in the past 3 years!