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I got a promotion call from +1 (866) 558-2273 which is Telus Business Mobility Support

Hi there,

I got a call from +1 (866) 558-2273 which is Telus Business Mobility Support.
The guy offered a brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max with 25GB of data 2 years plan for $60 a month.
I confirmed that I would be interested.
Unfortunately, I gave my full name, address, date of birth, driver’s license number and expiry date.
The guy insisted to get my credit card number with 3 digit security number and SIN to ran a credit check on me.
Telus, please fix it and make everything possible to prevent scammer to have a possibility to take Telus Business Mobility Support phone number. It’s not professional, TELUS!

Warm regards,

Community Power User
Community Power User

You may want to start here to report the scam call:

For identity fraud start here:


Do you even have a business account with Telus? If no, then "Business Mobility Support" isn't going to be contacting you. Telus in general won't but if they ever did, it would be Sales calling and not support. The extremely cheap cost of the plan is another big hint that it's a scam. The 14 Pro Max is a $1600 phone. There's no way the phone and plan would only be $60/month. The phone by itself is $66/mo with no downpayment.


Telus can't fix that you gave all of your information to a scammer. If you actually did give out your credit card, you need to get a hold of your bank and completely cancel that credit card immediately before the scammers rack up a ton of charges. Make sure they know the scammers have the card details so the new card is separate from the old one. As for your SIN, that's the one thing you never give out. If you gave the scammer that, who knows what they can do with that.


As for the caller ID spoofing, that's not something Telus can fix. Caller ID technology in itself is the problem. Until the telecom industry comes up with a new caller ID system, the issue won't go away soon.

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The point is not to fix that I gave my personal info.
The point is to fix the way how scammers use TELUS official phone number, caller ID. Got it?
Thanks for the advice with the credit card but I didn’t give this info, as well as, my SIN.

Another thing, I got a legit call from TELUS later and they sound like scammers as well. Probably TELUS should stop this promotion practice over the phone. It doesn’t work at many instances and just opens the possibility for scammers.

In addition, yes, I had a business account with TELUS before. Before I left to another service provider.
The cheap plan is a catch in this case.

Friendly Neighbour

You may have already done this, but if not, you should immediately call both Equifax and TransUnion to put a freeze on your credit profile.  You said they have your full name, address, DOB and DL number; that's more than enough information for them to open fraudulent accounts in your name.  It could be a nightmare if you don't act quickly.