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France travel plan ?

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Hi ! we will be in France for 40 days this summer. Paying 15$ per day is too much. I'm with Telus wuth an EPP plan. Do Telus offer international monthly plan like they do for the USA ? 


Thanks ! 


You are better off picking up a prepaid SIM for Europe. Their rates are so much cheaper than Canada. You would save a lot and their plans are easy to top up jist about anywhere.

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Community Power User

Not sure what phone you have but I got an Orange eSIM (SIM also available) and used that while we were there.


All inclusive - Travel (


It's for 14 days but can be 'recharged':


FAQ about Holiday SIM card - Top Up (


Orange has other offerings and we had great coverage in England, Spain, Italy at France. Took a bit to set up but otherwise trouble free.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.