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Frustrated and disappointed long time Telus customer




I am severly disappointed in the recent service I received from the escalation manager at Telus. I am currently traveling outside Canada and I had turned roaming off on my phone but for some reason the roaming got unblocked on its own (Telus manager kept on blaming me stating "facts" insinuating I must have turned it on which I fail to understand since I didnt use my phone after turning roaming off and putting it in a drawer). To top it off, I had also received an email from Telus saying they had unblocked my data roaming on their own for god knows what reason. After debating a good 30mins or so, the manager suggested a "one-time exception" and offered to take $50 off my bill which was half of what I was charged inadvertently. I made my peace with that and ended the call and now after 2 days, looking at my bill I see that only $25 have been taken off. This is coming from a customer who has been with Telus for 5 years or so, never missed a payment and has been on expensive data plans with them. We even have our home internet, security with Telus but alas customer loyalty means nothing to these people. I wouldn't have written this review if they had at least kept their word to take the $50 off but this is just ultimate. I dont know if anybody from Telus will respond to this but wanted to vent out and let folks know of my experience.


A very unhappy and dissatisfied customer.







There are 2 separate settings for roaming. There is a setting on your phone that only you can control. There is a setting in your account that you and Telus can modify. Both the phone and account settings need to be turned on for roaming to be active. If roaming is turned off on your phone it doesn't matter what the account setting is, roaming will be disabled.


Depending on your phone there is a chance that the phone's OS has certain services that ignore the phone's setting and use data anyway. You may want to Google your phone's model and the data issue to see if others have experienced the same problem.