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Extreme drop in Reception

Just Moved In

Ive been at my current address for  little over a year however I have lived in my area for nearly 10 years. The reception quality in the past year to two years has dropped significantly. I cant drive home from Orangeville (20 minute drive) without atleast 4 or 5 lost signal. I dont think ive ever had a full 20 10-20 minute conversation without losing signal at least once. Last year I had reception in my house everywhere now I have to be near a window on the west side. its terrible. I pay so much for services but i cant even speak through my phone. whats the point of having a cell phone??? we have 3 phone with you guys we spend nearly $450 a month in cell phone bills and reception is crap.


Community Power User
Community Power User

There is an option to report cell coverage issues on this page:


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