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Extreme drop in Reception


Ive been at my current address for  little over a year however I have lived in my area for nearly 10 years. The reception quality in the past year to two years has dropped significantly. I cant drive home from Orangeville (20 minute drive) without atleast 4 or 5 lost signal. I dont think ive ever had a full 20 10-20 minute conversation without losing signal at least once. Last year I had reception in my house everywhere now I have to be near a window on the west side. its terrible. I pay so much for services but i cant even speak through my phone. whats the point of having a cell phone??? we have 3 phone with you guys we spend nearly $450 a month in cell phone bills and reception is crap.


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There is an option to report cell coverage issues on this page:


5G and 4G LTE, HSPA+ & LPWA network coverage map | TELUS

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

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So I am having very bad cell service, dropped calls constantly, calls that are cutting out etc. After two separate occasions of over 2 hour phone calls with technical support , I am sent this message #1
#1 Hi Debbie, as discussed here's your ticket number 10835747. Thanks for your kind understanding as we're working on your service. Free TELUS msg.

after an additional call to technical support to see what was being done I received the second message. #2

#2 Hello. This is Telus Network Support. We have received a ticket for your service issues.
After an investigation, we have determined this location and some of its surrounding areas to be an Area of Concern. At the moment, we have not been provided an exact date for a resolution. If possible, please use Wi-Fi Calling. Thank you.

Well my Wi-Fi calling had already been turned on, it was not making a difference, (in fact it was cutting out while speaking with escalation later in my story) So I called billing because I wanted a reduction in my bill for having no service . Well, the first person I spoke to told me it wasn’t their responsibility to have a signal which I thought was very funny as that’s what I thought the company was or did I don’t know I’m so confused about what IS their I had her transfer me to a supervisor (I assume this was the escalation department) and again he read out the contract that said they are not responsible for bad cell reception .
This is in my home? If they can not support my home address then why would they even put me on a plan????? My husbands phone was purchased in December would they not know that our address could not be supported by their network!? so what it boils down to is Telus is not taking responsibility of the cell signal or lack there of and I am stuck in a buy it back plan that they want to charge me for the phone (way more than the phone actually would cost). I said take the phone back? No no no
Frustrating! I am going to do everything in my power to get out of this by just returning the phone. ( My husband previously was with Rogers and had zero issues in this area for 14 years! I surprised him with a new phone and added his number to my bill so he would not have a bill to pay. Needles to say he is not happy with my surprise!