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Device care

Friendly Neighbour
I paid for device care for over a year only to find out Telus never actually registered my participation and payments with the sub company that is the insurance provider. It is a scam. Ten hours trying to get Telus to register me after paying 150+ in monthly add on fees. Gave up.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Tundratoad 


Sorry for this experience! 


Have you tried the TELUS assist, so you can get in touch with a live agent on our website?



Friendly Neighbour
I tried and tried but at certain point a person has to take in to consideration lost time ($) on top of lost money. The wait times of up to an hour (for chat function) and the limited business hours compounded the problem. I have eaten the $130 dollars. Would like to warn other people to check that Telus follows through with signing them up for device care access AND to make sure the area they live in has any device care service available.

Same bad experience. Paid Telus Device Care for almost 2 years and when I filed a claim to repair my Samsung, I was told the protection plan was not actually a Telus product, but coverage through a 3rd party. They told me repair was not an option and wanted me to pay $400 for a new phone (one month before I was to give the damaged phone back to Telus) What a joke