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I had a mobile account put in collections in 2014-15 and it was on my credit account for years. This year around January it was no longer on my credit it was for $2288 something like that now a new credit company supposedly has it and said that they have had it since Jan 2021 but it was on my file still with another company at that time. And they said last payment was Dec 2020 but that is not true since it has been on since 2014-15 and now they are saying I owe $17772.00 I called the credit bureau and they said they are a legit company so it’s not fraud but it destroyed my credit and I have not heard anything about this account for years so why is it so high after over seven years of nothing.


@Hez75  Customers only on this site. Phone in to billing to get an answer.

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Community Power User

If your account went to collections, you will have to discuss it with whichever company called you. This isn't a Telus matter once it went to collections for the time you stated. Typically if a debt isn't paid in 7 years it will fall off your credit report. Any debt company can still try and collect the debt they just can't take you to court (2 years in BC).


Having said that at anytime you acknowledged the debt, or made a payment the clock resets, You can pull your own credit report with the two companies (TransUnion and Equifax) and see what is actually on it, not what a debt company is telling you.


Unfortunately you will have to resolve this on your own.

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i use credit karma. its free and you have access to TransUnion database. Collection agency can say any amount they want. Check what is it

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Thank you for that I do use credit karma and all they said was they are a legit company and nothing they can do. So they didn’t help at all. They made it look I made a payment in 2021 even though I haven’t touch the account