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Can someone explain these terms to me on a plan I am looking at?


Can someone clarify this to me?  I'm looking at a plan upgrade but just want to understand a couple items in the new plan.  


Unlimited Domestic & Int'l Text

- Is there a fee to send a text to Italy for example while within Canada?  I called Telus to ask and they said that it would be pay per use even with this feature in a plan that I am considering.  That doesn't make sense.  

- Does this feature cover SMS, MMS and Video or just SMS?

- if I am outside of Canada, is there a fee to send?  I assume that's roaming and a pay per use feature.  


For the CAN-US 5G+ plans, would SMS, MMS and Video messages be at no charge between US and Canada (Or 'US to US' or 'Canada to Canada') while a subscriber is in the US or Canada?  I assume its included.  




Community Power User
Community Power User

Historically, Telus only offered free domestic texting, but it appears that SOME of their current plans now offer free international texting. Can you share a link to th plan you are considering?


This page suggests that unlimited international plans should include MMS and Picture messaging.


Canada-US effectively makes the border transparent to your plan. Messages will be at no additional charge between US and Canada in either direction.


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The link was in my portal as a plan offer, so it’s not on a web page but this is what it said verbatim: Unlimited Domestic & Int'l Text

The International texting plans include text, picture and video messaging as long as the message is sent from Canada so outside of Canada would be pay per use; the only exception to this would be if on a CAN-US plan and then it would include unlimited messaging between the two countries including while in the US.

Thanks. They should make it more clear in the plan descriptions. And over and above that I called TELUS and the phone rep insisted it’s pay per use (I even recorded the call as I wanted back up for a plan change), and when I said that makes no sense and asked him to double check, he put me on hold and checked with his team and doubled down on it when he returned.

It could just be a language issue, it was clear English was his second language and the connection was awful (like an overseas call center) so maybe he just didn’t understand. It’s ironic that a phone company would have bad connections with their call centers.

Anyways - thanks for clarifying. I’ve upgraded my plan - for the extra $5 a month I get more features including the international text. That’s a bonus as my kid will be traveling and using temporary numbers this summer.