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My billing cycle ends today it’s my first bill and I’m kinda confused, it says my total is zero but it clearly shows my phone plan price and everything there, I payed it just to safe and early acouple weeks ago but i don’t know how it works will it be moved to my next payment if I didn’t have to pay it yet, did I just loose 96$ paying my bill early or what? I could really use some clarification please


What says the total is zero, the actual statment or your balance as shown in your online account? Your balance will be zero until Telus generates the statement for that billing cycle which will be some time after the last day of the billing cycle. Payment isn't due at the end of the billing cycle, it's due on the due date specified on the statement.

@Tylxrjxcxb  Your billing cycle must be the 9 to 9 like mine. We pay it in last few days of month. If you bring up your account after you paid i will show 0$ and stay like that up to 4 days after the 9th till new bill is made up.  Last day of month should be payment date it'on the bill.