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Chat started with Christel

Hi! Thanks for contacting TELUS Business Chat Support, My name is Ellie. How may I help you?

Christel 12:19


Hi, we recently received a cheque Invoice #327XXXXX
Can you confirm that this is an invoice for (our company)? I'm assuming a rebate or refund, for (the company I work for)
Hi, would it be easier if you called me?
Hi Ellie, are you okay?
Is there someone else I may speak with? I hope you are okay Ellie

You 12:25


Maybe Ellie there is another person who can help me? 
I really hope you are okay and not in medical distress
Not sure what is going on, can you help me with changing the name of the cheque to our business so that we can deposit the refund or rebate or whatever reason you mailed us a cheque????
You 12:31 
I require support.

You 12:38


Hi Tired Of Telus, Please be advised that we are having high volume of chats today. Allow me to check the account. Please provide the account number.

Christel 12:38


Are. you able to change the name on the cheque and mail it out to us?
Ellie, are you okay???? Is there someone else who can help me in a timely manner?
The cheque does not indicate the account number
Please look up the invoice number
As indicated 20 minutes ago
Christel, can you confirm that you have been helping me for the last 20 minutes?
How do I get someone from Telus to help me out here.... can an agent call me to sort this out? We are unable to cash the cheque because a) no account is listed b) it's to our address and our past executive director but she doesn't work here anymore c) does not indicate the reason for the cheque
Again, the invoice number is:::: 327XXXXX
No. Document No is 19059XXXXX
The amount is $78.40
We recently closed an account with Telus and reopened a new one.

You 12:43


Is it for mobility?

Christel 12:43


Yes It's for our 3 cell phones
If Telus values my business, please respond to my questions. It's now been 25 minutes

You 12:45


Upon checking on the Account, it is under Mobility Business. Since they have no chat support, kindly call them at +1-866-558-2273 for further assistance.

Christel 12:46


I will be seeking other companies out to move our phone services.

You 12:47


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Apologies for this... did you reach out to our Mobility team at the number provided?