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Bad 5G for iPhone users

Why is it that my phone has 1-2 bars max and Samsung users have full bars? Mine is iPhone 14 pro max they have newest Samsung whatever that is and my connection is garbage. How can I fix that? Or is it the same for all iPhone users? I need help thanks….

Community Power User
Community Power User

You don’t describe the quality of the Samsung whatever experience when used next to you. Does it differ, or is it only the number of bars displayed that differs.

5G is a short range signal. Have you tried forcing LTE, or added the Wi-Fi calling option to your phone?


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Bars don't always reflect the same level of service because there is no standard for how strong your signal is based on one bar of measurement. You can always use a third party app, like CellMapper to give you are accurate signal strength reading.

That said. Apple also uses some of the worst radios in the cellphone business when maximizing the profit they make from the build quality of each device. Intel cellular radios are some of the worst available in devices today. Telus using band 66 definitely doesn't help either.