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what are you using for travelling ? eSim or physical sim or Easy Roam?


Just cancelled telus after 20+ years for being charged roaming fees for 3 days in the usa.

We told them we explicitly turned of Roaming in settings.  We used an eSim app (AirAlo) for travelling.

the Primary (telus) line was off and the Secondary (eSim) was on.

they went on some babble about the phone has to be in Airplane mode.

I just said, 'cancel the account'.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry to hear that you've left. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us here or over at our Twitter or Facebook pages if there's ever anything you'd like to discuss.

Personally, I have a Telus plan with US roaming and calling included. If you don't roam much at all though. Disabling your Telus eSIM or removing your pSIM while roaming and keeping it in your wallet is the best way to ensure it doesn't encur any ridiculous roaming charges.

The Easy Roam is a scam in my opinion! You could add an entire month of roaming in the US to your plan for the cost of one day of using Easy Roam.