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Unlimited one number

Just Moved In

Hi, I just added this feature to my plan, but for some reason, all I got was a blank page where I was supposed to link a number and now I have no idea where to find and edit this feature in My Telus.

I have used this feature in the past.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.




Community Power User
Community Power User


The feature is a paid add-on for pre-paid plans.

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Thanks, I really appreciate the help.  The only problem is that I do not have this 'Features' tab or 'Manage your Favorites Number'.  I have already paid $7 for this add-on with a prepaid plan.  When I bought the add on, a page opened which was supposed for you to add a number, but it was not displayed properly and it closed. Now, I want to access this 'Features' tab to add the number, but it is nowhere to be found.  Any help?