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Samsung ultra or Samsung Fold


anyone know whets best for a disabled person with reading issues and writing issues thanks? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

You posted another post that you are on a tight budget. The S22 Ultra and the Samsung Z Fold are the polar opposite of being on a budget. The Fold is by far has the most expensive base price of $2805 (before tax). The S22 Ultra is $2040 before tax. Telus has the iPhone 13 Pro Max with the same 256GB of storage for $1737 before tax. If you are on a budget, and can manage a standard sized phone, the regular iPhone 12/13/14 or the Samsung S21 FE would be better priced alternatives. Samsung doesn't provide software updates for anywhere near as long as Apple does.


Another device to consider would be the Google Pixel phones. The Pixel 7 (non-Pro) and Pixel 6a are far cheaper than the other phones you were considering.

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