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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Update & Updates in General

Now, I know that even when updates are released by phone manufacturers it has to go through a process at Telus before they will send it to our devices. I know that even when Telus says an update will come out on a certain day it doesn't mean you'll get it right away, the roll out may take a bit before it reaches your device. I get that sometimes there can be a delay to the date they post. What I'm wondering is how long is too long? How long should it take between the release date and the update reaching your device? There was a security update for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra on the 29th of March and my phone still hasn't received it. Now, I'm not complaining, I have no problem waiting. I'm just confused about how long is too long.


Too long is when you are not getting updates in a timely manner and yeah I would say that applies in your case.


Been with Android since the late 2000's finding updates to still be a huge confusing mess. Delivery/delays can varying from one OEM to another, by region/country, device variant(s), carriers, etc. From my perspective (especially over past year) don't see Canada as being too high on the totem pole either in terms of priority when delivering updates actually feeling it’s getting worse.


Right now I’m waiting for the next update to arrive on my RETAIL A52 5G we’re using on the Telus network. Last update was Feb 8 just finding out the other day next is supposedly to arrive on Apr 27, perfect definition of "too long"… Third time in a year my device has been skipped over for a monthly which ain't saying much for Samsung's pomise-of-support.


So who's to blame? Well in my case after much research, there’s absolutely no question in my mind Samsung was the one holding out 100%. So wouldn’t be one bit surprised to hear they are/were the reason for your update delay too.