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Poor Plan Options

Is it just me or do the plans on offer seem like they are very poor in terms of options. I don't need 200 GB of data. I have wifi and internet with Telus. Why would I need 200 GB's .120 is more than enough for me and my wife but the only option for upgrading is 200gbs. I hate Telus

Offering and advertizing higher data packages, even if you don't use most of it, is a way to justify charging customers more for the plan. I have never personally used that much data either and usually don't even top 30GB in a month. What research Telus does to determine what plans they offer is anyone's guess. Don't be afraid to shop around. You might want to reach out to Customer Care at 611 to check on all of what your options are and to see if there are any loyalty plans they might have available to offer you a better rate and a plan that meets more of your needs.